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1. Conditions of Use of Website

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WFS may also change the information in this website without notice. WFS makes no representations or warranties to the accuracy or completeness of the data and information posted on this website.

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4. Limitation of Liability

WFS will not be liable for any damages, injuries, losses, including but not limited to actual, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential losses arising from access to or use of this website, any websites linked and the materials posted on them.

5. Security

WFS is committed to ensure the information you provide when making a booking will remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access. But we do not warrant the website from unauthorized access.

6. Privacy Policy

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WFS is committed to ensure that our employees, agents, and other third parties mentioned above will use and disclose the Personal Date by adhering to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

7. Hyperlink Policy

Before creating a hyperlink in any forms from an external website to our website, you must obtain WFS's prior written approval which may be given subject to conditions. WFS has the final decision to decide the way of the hyperlink to be structured and whether it may be charged at certain fee.

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