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Special Services

Wheelchair Service (The Sedan)

We also provide wheelchair service in Hong Kong International Airport. You can contact your airline for the wheelchair service before travel. However, if you would like us to assist, kindly contact us and make a booking at least 48 hours in advance.

Wheelchair Rental Service

Should you require a wheelchair during your time in Hong Kong International Airport, this service allows your travelling companions and you greater flexibility during your journey.

Baby Stroller Rental Service

We also provide Baby Stroller Rental Service. You may reserve it in advance or approach our service counters for the rental service. Kindly note that Hong Kong International Airport also provide baby strollers for passengers’ use around passenger terminal building airside area.

Document Delivery Services

If you have any urgent document to deliver to (from) Hong Kong International Airport, kindly contact us in advance.


  • Documents to be delivered must be unsealed for security check purpose at the Customs in the Hong Kong International Airport.
  • Maximum size and weight is A4 and 500g respectively per one piece of document.
  • Items prohibited or controlled by the Customs and Excise Department of the Government of HKSAR will not be handled.

Landing Visa Printing and Delivery Service

Ad-hoc printing and delivery of landing visa of passenger who require printed visa upon arrival at restricted area in Hong Kong Internation Airport.

Other Services

If there are other services or general assistance at the airport we may help with, kindly contact us and we will be happy to assist.